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Aftermarket Parts?


Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1245807 posted 04/12/19 10:25 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
It seems like it is impossible to find parts for this car. It is 4g63 single cam FWD 5speed. Finding coilovers is a mission. There are parts for vr4 which i come across. Does anyone have references or ideas where i can find parts? It is boring not being able to anything to this car.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1245810 posted 04/12/19 09:43 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
For the front you could use GVR4 options. Not sure on the rear. Maybe 1g DSM FWD parts will work? Just a guess there.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1245823 posted 04/14/19 08:57 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
If it is coilovers and other parts, think of it this way - FWD or AWD - the front knuckles retain the same fitment at the lower strut mount bolts, and the same upper strut mount fitment. You can use front GVR4 parts, as you would have to adjust your height regardless of whether it had AWD or FWD knuckles in it. Research DSM and CSM rear struts, and compare. I have K Sport coilovers on my C53A FWD setup, which uses rear struts in nearly the same configuration as Evo10 models. Go figure - between 1987 and 20XX, the nearly same part gets revalved and installed in a newer AWD platform. Anywho, you just need dimensions and some photos of what the rear setup looks like - both installed and out of the car. I have no knowledge of what the rear struts from a DSM will look like in FWD versions with solid rear axles, but three platforms of cars got this solid rear axle jive, versus independent rear arms, so there is crossover. Once you have enough of the detail known, the companies that build coilovers for Galants, DSMs, CSMs, and EVOs, can definitely make something work for you. It is like lego for most of them, as the can swap strut tops, bottoms, and center cartridges across most of their catalog of parts in the strut use category - then valving comes into play to match your spring rates/vehicle weight/intended use.

The big issue with coilovers is the quality - you get what you pay for and even the entry level of $1000+ USD, will get you something that will hold in the corners and in a straight line but once the terrain gets bumpy, the tires will have a hard time staying planted to the tarmac.
My KSports are like this in the entry level stuff, but I wouldn't put it to many entry level coilovers to do justice to comfort and handling like pro level versions would - IE $2500+ USD and the tuning and shock dyno sheet to back it up - oh, some won't give that out because they are magic sauce and you have to sign a waiver for a NDA. Older designs are phasing out too like JIC and some other companies. Not enough demand and tech moves forward, but not necessarily making things any better.

Lots of stuff for your car is Galant specific and won't matter if you choose VR4 or not, but yes, where there was an upgraded part from base, you have to know what crosses and what doesn't.

Ask here and we can help, but you will have to do some familiarization with both platforms and using parts programs like, or or can help narrow things down in diagram form and then give you an idea if the parts are even available in OEM offerings anymore.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1245836 posted 04/15/19 12:16 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
Thanks for the info, yeah practically the cars i worked on was mostly Hondas and little toyo. But acess to parts or aftermarket is a breeze. I have been reading around and unfortunately it would be custom made for the rears. Since i have zero equipment for fabrication and no garage to work in is useless lol. Prop sell the car or just keep it locked away forever somewhere. Boring not being able to do anything to car even as simply trying to lower it.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1245880 posted 04/18/19 06:46 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post   
Send in your struts to a manufacturer of coilovers and they can duplicate the compressed/extended length as needed, and allowing a great degree of adjustment with a threaded collar setup.

You CAN have them made with little issue, as long as enough crossover with the platform exists in their product stores. All you have to do is ask and see what can be done.

It would stand to reason that your setup may even be very close to my Colt with a solid rear axle, which can't be too far off the DSM which is likely nearly the same rear platform in FWD mode, as the Galant.

This is why I say, ask around. On theory, all you need is a drop spring with the correct dimensions, but struts with availability like KYB won't last very long with stiffer springs to handle the lowering and firming up the ride.

You have to pick what you want to do!

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