04/08/11 09:56 PM
Clutch pedal setup identical to DSM?

Really just wondering if they wear out the same way. I notice that when I am adjusting the master rod it is so much easier to get to than the DSM so I wonder if they are identical.


(Fantastic Parts Seller)
04/08/11 11:24 PM
Re: Clutch pedal setup identical to DSM?

I'd say that this more than likely the case as the two cars share a lot of common parts and engineering. I wouldn't say it too loud though, since DSM is a bit of a dirty word around here.

(What are we going to do today Ferb?)
04/08/11 11:31 PM
Re: Clutch pedal setup identical to DSM?

No. The DSM and GVR4 clutch pedal assemblies are definitely different. I did mine a couple of months ago and for the life of me I can't remember what the difference was. I also remember this being said in another thread.

JNZ also has a listing for each of them.

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