04/27/10 08:07 AM
stock vr4 = 6 bolt?

Might be a copmlete 'newbie' question but I couldn't not seem to find out what refers to 6 bolt / 7 bolt blocks. I am wondering what engine a complete stock vr4 comes with. Is it a 6 bolt? I ask because I was looking for parts, for example in the How-To area, for some parts like the below:

Exhaust Manifold studs - MD005317 - $.53 each - for 6 bolt dsm
Exhaust Manifold Nuts - MD092806 - $0.41

I don't know if those studs will be ok to order...any help/clarification/links to clarify would be appreciated.


(Fatty McButterpants)
04/27/10 08:35 AM
Re: stock vr4 = 6 bolt?

Yes, if your Galant has the original motor it should be a 6 bolt.

(Senior Member)
04/27/10 08:36 AM
Re: stock vr4 = 6 bolt?

The number of bolts refer's to how many flywheel bolts the engine has.

90-92.5 DSM's and all Galant VR4's came with 6 bolt motors. It's generally considered to be the stronger motor, due to the 2g 7 bolt motor's being prone to crank walk.

04/27/10 09:01 AM
Re: stock vr4 = 6 bolt?

Ha, I wanted to ask this same question for a while too. I'm glad its as simple as that.

(Senior Member)
04/27/10 09:02 AM
Re: stock vr4 = 6 bolt?

There's a LOT of info out there on 6 bolt vs 7 bolt. A few good google searches should do you wonders.

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