07/31/05 11:25 PM
Will a Dodge Colt TPS work?

I just recently got a CE light coming on occasionally on my '90 Galant GSX. Turns out the TPS is having problems. It only happens when the car is warm and the throttle is all the way closed (i.e., I'm giving it no gas). I checked the resistance on the TPS and it seemed good - about 4.5 kohm across the outside pins; it must just change a bit outside of specs once it heats up or something. I didn't check the supply voltage, but the TPS seems to work fine except for all the way closed.

At the junkyard I didn't find a similar DSM, but there was a '91 Dodge Colt (with a Mitsubishi engine of course) that I pulled a TPS from. I haven't checked yet if it'll fit in my car -- does anyone know if it will work on my 90 Galant GSX? The part I pulled is EWT-F2A 1312. The overall setup seems the same. Thanks for any help.

steveGalant VR4.org Administrator
(Key Fob Guy)
08/01/05 06:57 AM
Re: Will a Dodge Colt TPS work?

I've got the same exact problem, only after the car is warmed up and only at no (or very little) throttle I get the CEL. On the logger the TPS shows 0% or 0.3% which is obviously considered out-of-spec.

08/04/05 12:54 PM
Re: Will a Dodge Colt TPS work?

Well, the answer is yes, the Dodge Colt TPS works. I had to pull the throttle body off the intake to get at the bottom screw, but it's the exact same part. I adjusted the closed-throttle resistance to 0.94 kohm, and it seems to work fine.

After replacing it, I realized I probably could have just adjusted the old one. SteveVR4, you might want to try rotating your TPS a little bit. There's a VFAQ on how to adjust it right.

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