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12/20/04 12:39 PM
Welcome, Newbies please read! (FAQs and info within)

Welcome to GalantVR4.org and the Newbie forum. This area is the best place to ask questions that you fear may be "stupid questions". New to the VR-4? Looking for the basics? In the market for a Galant VR-4 or just recently purchased one? Having trouble using the site? This is the place for you.

If you're just joining us for the first time, feel free make a new post here and introduce yourself.

[b]Note: New members are NOT allowed to post "Wanted to Buy" or "For Sale" ads in this or any other section.[/b] Sorry, a couple bad apples have ruined this for everyone, but these are the rules and they are strictly enforced. If you're new, and have something to sell or need to buy something: get your post count up, contribute to the board, get known, make a name for yourself and soon enough you'll be granted access.

If you've got a really good reason for needing to post please PM a moderator and ask nicely. Otherwise, take it to eBay if you need to sell something.

If you're wondering where all the messages are: most forums are hidden until you join as a new user. This also applies to existing members who may not be logged in. You must login to see all the forums.

Thank you and again, welcome to GalantVR4.org from all of the members and staff.

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12/20/04 01:05 PM
Re: Welcome

Try out some of these sites for information


When searching, you will always get better results if you use quotation marks. For example, if searching for 4ws removal, type "4ws removal" or "4ws" "removal", etc...

(Thanks to Kartorium for the write-up)

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12/20/04 04:30 PM
Re: Welcome

thanks for consolidating that info Ryan. I wasn't sure if I should make a new post, but I wanted those sites out there in the open cause they have so much info that helped me get started back in the day...(although I don't think your site was around and I think minjin's was way smaller). Anyways, tons of important info there.

HertzGalant VR4.org Administrator
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12/20/04 05:04 PM
Re: Welcome

Actually, I moved it because I couldn't get the links to work in your original post (permissions were set to exclude them by default). Everyone else: I deleted your posts because I want to keep this thread on track as the welcome message, although I do appreciate your enthusiasm and kind words. Please don't take offense.

Feel free to contribute anything that you would like new members to know, or all those tips and tricks you wish you knew when you first started.

12/20/04 06:36 PM
Re: Welcome

1000 already answered questions

Make this your first reading project...period

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12/20/04 07:19 PM
Re: Welcome

What wheels and tires will fit my Galant VR4?

What is the first thing I should check out and have repaired (it is a recall) on my Galant VR4? dead link

What is the second thing I should check and have repaired on my Galant VR4? dead link

Why won't my Galant VR4 idle properly? Why does it feel like it has no power? Why does my car run too rich (black tail pipe)?

Why did my oil filter come loose and dump oil all over the place? I made sure it was real good and tight, honest!

Another great source of information on a variety of things for your Galant VR4.

What is a DSM? and is my Galant VR4 one of them?

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12/20/04 08:08 PM
Re: Welcome

Another one for the list:-


This forum is a smart move in more ways than one Ryan and much more than that it is getting all the knowledgeable members back in here divulging information which is good for ALL of us and not just new members !!!

Thank you.


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01/12/05 12:07 PM
Re: Welcome


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02/03/05 11:55 AM
Re: Welcome, Newbies please read!

Welcome to the forum. The best place to start is to take the time to learn as much as you can about the car. Use the search engine to read up on specific areas of interest, like cooling, brakes, etc. There is so much good information contained on this forum, you will learn a lot just by reading past posts. Then when you can't find a specific answer to your question, post it here and you will find the members will help you out. I bought my car 6 months ago and new nothing about it, but have learned so much about how to take care of it that I am getting close to finishing up on the maintenance.

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03/09/06 10:25 AM
Re: Welcome, Newbies please read!

Everyone who is new, send your VIN and limited edition dash plaque number to iceman69510.

steveGalant VR4.org Administrator
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03/13/06 12:49 PM
Re: Welcome, Newbies please read!

If you have information to contribute to this thread, to help newbies get started, please send me a PM. I am locking this thread.

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