06/04/21 02:13 PM
crank no start

Hey guys, got 1384 rebuilt completely and tuned, ran great, blew an intercooler hose, it sat for a couple weeks, and now it no longer starts.

After blowing the hose i taped it up in order to get home, so it still ran after that. It cranks but it just continuously turns over, barely any pops. Mechanical timing is correct, spark is strong, and I cant imagine compression dropping to 0 after sitting for two weeks. Plugs are wet so im getting fuel. Only thing thats unmeasurable is fuel pressure, but I can probably get an FPR soon.

I'm clueless here and would really appreciate some help. I have DSMLink v3 but i dont know how much help logs would be as i cant even start it

(Junior Member)
06/07/21 10:19 AM
Re: crank no start

Without a fuel gauge on it you're pretty much guessing. Clean the plugs, disconnect the injector pigtails and spray some starter fluid in the intake tract. Does it start now? If so you're probably flooding it, check your coolant temp sensor reading in link if so. If it doesn't start then you need to reverify spark and then compression.

06/08/21 06:11 PM
Re: crank no start

Compression is 0, mechanical timing is NOT correct. Crank gear is off by 6 or 7 teeth. I only checked cam gear alignment before. I must have not tightened the belt enough when I did timing and it slipped.


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