05/14/21 08:55 PM
Suggested double sided tape

hello I did some digging through the search function for the last couple years.

This morning I tried to open my back door and the paneling on the bottom of the door seems to have come loose. After some pulling I believe the double sided tape holding the panel to the door has gone bad. Was hoping someone would have some advice on what to use to re-secure the panel to the door.

05/14/21 10:03 PM
Re: Suggested double sided tape

The FSM states the exact 3M model number of the tape used and I'm certain they still sell that model number or a comparable item. Same stuff is used for rear doglegs if I recall correctly.

05/15/21 07:33 AM
Re: Suggested double sided tape

thank you for that, i found that with another search. It seems most of the devolve into just another double sided ribbon tape.So I will go ahead and dig deeper

click the FSM for newer searches

(Junior Member)
05/16/21 12:01 AM
Re: Suggested double sided tape

I need some tape too. Let me know what you buy. Gotta put on a dog leg and door panel lol

(Turn Right Racing)
05/18/21 08:08 AM
Re: Suggested double sided tape

I presume you are talking about the exterior of the door? The door outer trim has some clips too I think. Maybe yours are missing (original poster).

I can tell you that often in older Japanese service manuals the product part numbers for things such as 3M do not match. Different chemical specs for adhesives and VOCs in Japan led to 3M having different products in the two countries. Used to happen all the time when we would request a chemical recommendation from Japan and then have to get 3M US to match that to a US-spec part number.

I would recommend looking at an auto body supply house instead of somewhere like Autozone or Carquest. You will get more industry level performance products there.

For the rear doglegs, some rope butyl can also assist holding those on. A couple clips, tape along the edges, and I think there are maybe two pads areas on the back of the part where the butyl can be added to assist.

05/18/21 10:04 AM
Re: Suggested double sided tape

Thank you I will go and look into that, I have a friend that does body work, I will ask him.

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