03/25/21 01:38 AM

Lets go boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if this post is obnoxious but I am indescribably excited.

Not last August, but the one before that (almost to the day actually), I bought #1384 from some dude in a mall parking lot, not knowing jack about cars.

It lasted like 2 months before it got broken into (some dudes REALLY like math books i guess), and had its tranny, and then engine, blown up. Shane really helped me out with that tranny and break-in and I still really appreciate it.

This car has moved from three different shops, stuck with me through what were supposed to be two long-term relationships, and it's even outlasted my dad lol. I've worked many full time weeks at my shitty 'part-time' highschooler jobs, I've barely passed some classes, and I've had my dad move to the other side of the country, but this stupid car has sat there ominously staring at my dumb ass through it all. But soon - real soon - I will stare at ITS dumb ass.

It has an interior coolant leak, an engine bay coolant leak, a power steering leak from a fucked up repair, and an absolutely massive fuel leak when under pressure, but the fucker started tonight, at like 11pm too not even like 4am the next day like I expected. IT STARTED. I never believed it would happen.

Sorry if this is a dumb thing to post that you guys don't want to read, but I felt this is a great place to put it. This car means more to me (and my wallet) than anything else I own and it's insane to see it start. After the countless hours and dollars it started.

Can't wait for it to break again lol

(Turn Right Racing)
03/25/21 06:48 AM

Congratulations! Sounds like you have some issues left to tackle, but this is certainly a notable milestone.

Keep posting so people can help. We can always use more traffic around here.

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