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01/06/21 09:43 PM
Wideband thru firewal

Do you guys enlarge the hole or replace the grommet with another one that is above the steering column? I already run a vacuum line thru there, but that is slimmer.

I'm wanting to install a wideband but where do I route the plugs thru? Its cold out lol

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01/07/21 07:17 AM
Re: Wideband thru firewal

I ran mine thru the steering column rubber seal. It doesn't move and is easily sealed repaired

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01/07/21 12:38 PM
Re: Wideband thru firewal

I ended up running mine through the speedo cable hole. I pushed the grommet out and used a universal one with some sealer. Its good to know its sealed, but first time I have to replace something will be a bit of a pain to re-do it.

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