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09/13/20 01:37 AM
reusing pistons and rods plus wiring question

Hey guys, I finally got my block and head back from the machineshop. Took them 5 months but they seem to have done good work and I'm stoked to start getting it all back together, I just have a few questions first.

My valves contacted my pistons, bending all intakes, which warranted this rebuild. A few of you guys on this beautiful forum here recommended that I reuse my old pistons and rods, which I'm fine with, but besides smoothing all the hard edges, is there anything I have to do before installing them? Excluding clearances, rings, and bearings of course.

Also, as for my wiring question, is there a way to connect my WB O2 sensor to both the ECU (i have dsmlink v3) and the gauge that came with it? I can live without the gauge but I paid for it so using it would be nice lol. Also - I'm planning on cutting all tape and loom off of both of the harnesses (engine and accessory) and retaping / repairing all the way down. How horrible is this job going to be? Should I skip it and just clean up / repair the best I can? I'm trying to do this car the correct way and advice would be appreciated.

as always, thanks guys!

09/13/20 11:00 AM
Re: reusing pistons and rods plus wiring question

It's totally possible to wire the WB O2 to both the ECU and the gauge. How easy it is depends on your sensor and gauge. Here is the pdf for the Innovate LC2 setup I have, I hope this helps click .

Regarding your harness, it really depends on how f'ed up yours is. 30 years in a high heat environment takes it toll, and it sounds like it will never be easier to do than now with the engine out. But it's still going to be tedious.

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