12/10/19 12:45 AM
What number is my VR4?

My brother bought a 91 (I think) from a guy in Burlington Ia. The emblem deal is gone. Is there any way to figure out what number it is? It's a green one no sunroof. At one time it had a bolt on HX40 on it, then the kid started parting it. jnava here ended up with the front bumper I think. We are piecing it back together and trying to fix all the butchery from the PO.


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12/10/19 02:52 AM
Re: What number is my VR4?

Only way to remotely find out what number it is, if one of the previous owners had joined this forum and sent iceman69510 on here the VIN with the badge number. Since these cars were numbered at random upon port entry, they share no correlation to the VIN. Iceman is the man who keeps a database of the cars registered on the forum, so shoot him a message with your VIN and he can check to see if it's on the list, otherwise there is no other means to finding out what number it had originally. If don't find your answer, then you can always throw up a WTB ad for a 91 dash plaque, people sell them often when cars get scrapped. Nothing wrong with moving one number to another car, since the badge numbers only apply to the 3000 of the 3009 imported to the US or you can leave it unknown.

05/09/20 02:39 AM
Re: What number is my VR4?

You can tell the number by the last 4 or 5 digits of the vin. If your car is a 4 digit car like mine you would use last 5 if it's a 3 digit such as 251 you would use last 4. What you do is remove the 3rd from last digit and that will leave you with your chassis number. For example the last of my vin is 11864. Remove the 8 and your left with 1164 of 2000 of course.

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05/09/20 08:51 AM
Re: What number is my VR4?

There is no truth in your post above regarding the relation of the VIN and the badge number assigned.

Your chassis number and VIN are related, but no connection to the badge number whatsoever. Please don't disseminate incorrect information.

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05/09/20 08:52 AM
Re: What number is my VR4?

thank you iceman.

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