08/24/19 08:23 PM
Is the E38A a vr4?

I live in Iceland and I just found a Galant (1991 Mitsubishi Galant GLSi 4x4 E38A)
I don't think it's turbocharged but it is E38A and 4wd. does that mean it's a VR4?
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("Just to be pedantic!")
08/24/19 08:27 PM
Re: Is the E38A a vr4?

No it just means it is 4G63 powered and AWD without 4WS. E39A is 4G63 with AWD and 4WS. Both E38A and E39A can come non-turbo and therefore not a VR-4.

08/24/19 08:31 PM
Re: Is the E38A a vr4?

Could I turbocharge the car and just call it a vr4 and put vr4 badges on it or would everybody secretly judge me?
I don't think there were any turbocharged in Iceland so this is pretty much my only option.

(less than one year to my birthday)
08/25/19 02:19 PM
Re: Is the E38A a vr4?

There would be no secret judging as it would be in the open. It's not hard to tell the difference between a VR4 and non vr4 models. The transmission in your car is also weaker than the vr4 trans.

No need to try to pass it off as something it isn't.

08/26/19 04:23 AM
Re: Is the E38A a vr4?

What do you suggest I do?
I think there is one E39A in Iceland, atleast it's 4x4 and 4ws but I don't know if it's turbocharged. But I don't think they sold any turbocharged Galants in Iceland.
This seems to be my only option, to buy a 4wd Galant as a project car. I thought about just buying VR-4 badges and everything but I don't want to disrespect the community or anything.

(Heal and Toe)
08/26/19 10:21 AM
Re: Is the E38A a vr4?

go with what your heart pleases.
no need to impress anybody.
modify the car as you wish.
what makes you happy is all that matters.

contact dandanger.

(Senior Member)
08/27/19 08:06 AM
Re: Is the E38A a vr4?

My galant is an e38a. Nothing on the car came with the car so it is only what it is now. 2.2l turbo with a 4bolt non 4ws rear 16g turbo and cyclone intake. There is no special code for that.

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