08/05/19 11:17 AM
newb intro...and into problems already...

i'm a long-time car guy, but never into mitsu's before (aside from a buddy's 3000GT VR4 that he let me flog from time to time before he went corvette). my real love is my E36 M3, though i've been through a couple old volvo 242 GT's, and even a couple small pickups...that were really purchased for utility. now, i needed something with four doors to drive everyday...and i came across a 1994 jdm galant VR4. going against all my normal tendencies to research, etc, etc...i bought it last week. it is a nice ride, super smooth power delivery, and totally understated.

but shortly thereafter, the clutch wouldn't release. no pedal pressure, the slave is bleeding fluid, but the release lever seems not to have any pp tension on it, either. in looking to figure out how to start properly diagnosing and fixing this thing, i've discovered just what a hen's tooth this 6A12TT engine is (at least in the US). i've been trying absorb as much as a can about the different engines and transmissions...but really just am trying to determine if 1. there are US-available slave cylinders that would fit, and 2. what clutch kits would fit.

hate to make the intro all about trying to solve some problems already, but many of the resources i'm finding are focused on 4 cylinder engines and it's not clear what parts might carry over.

thanks in advance!! looking forward to learning more!


(Turn Right Racing)
08/05/19 12:06 PM
Re: newb intro...and into problems already...

Hello Dan. Don't interpret this as chasing you away, as this site is a wealth of knowledge, but the specialty here is the 1988-1992 E39A Galant VR4, the 4G63 turbo AWD powerplant. This is significantly different than your vehicle.

There may be some here who have experience with your car, so they can respond.

I would also try the website The Galant Center. I suspect some there may have significantly more assistance for you.

Good luck.

08/06/19 05:30 PM
Re: newb intro...and into problems already...

I donít feel chased away at all and I appreciate the referral to Galant Center!

(less than one year to my birthday)
08/09/19 12:48 AM
Re: newb intro...and into problems already...

Yeah the 87-92 6g vr4s were the only ones of the Galant VR4 line up that the US received, thus this group as it is a US based forum. I'll second TGC, they are much more knowledgeable on 7gs as well as ClubVR4 can be of help (specialize in the 8g vr4 with the 6A13TT 2.5l, however they too would have some 7g vr4 experience as well most likely).

The 6A1x engines were never available in North America, which is prob why you have such a hard time finding them.

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