04/24/19 04:29 PM
Trustworthy DSM Shops in NJ??

Whats good..

Name is RJ, and i own a '91 Summit White GVR-4, #1531/2000

I've had the car since purchasing it in the early 2000's and drove it for a bunch of years while it was in working condition ...
For the past couple years it has been sitting in a garage in Jersey and has not ran due to free time/other vehicle purchases.

I am lookin for a shop in the NJ area that could possibly bring the car back to life and fix some backyard modifications that were done to the car.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


(Junior Member)
05/01/19 10:29 PM
Re: Trustworthy DSM Shops in NJ??

Iím interested too. Have a galant amg and need some routine maintenance. Please let us know. Thanks!!

(Forever Member)
05/02/19 05:20 AM
Re: Trustworthy DSM Shops in NJ??

I found my trusty mechanic while searching for food on google maps near work. While not a specific DSM shop, he works on the Indy MX-5 club cars before race season, and he has a shop racing EVO.

So, I suggest just doing a lot of searching. Indy has fathouse racing, but I talked to him years ago and he wouldn't work on my Galant VR4 because it was "too old". This was back when a faulty injector was making it run all wonky. Just over the phone, he just flat out turned me down.

P.A Motorsports in west lafayette has my Galant for brake work. He rebuilt the factory calipers for me and I dropped the car off so he could clean and paint the original mounts too. I didn't have spares. I got a new exhaust installed, and I still do some work, but if I'm too busy or just don't want too, I at least found something that I trust to do work. I'm older, old enough for joint pain, and if I have a project that isn't getting done fast enough, I'm glad I at least found a trusty mechanic to do the work.

Keep searching, but dom't narrow your search for a DSM shop.

05/09/19 06:43 PM
Re: Trustworthy DSM Shops in NJ??

Or looking for a reliable mechanic in Denver area

(Turn Right Racing)
05/09/19 08:17 PM
Re: Trustworthy DSM Shops in NJ??

Nate Crisman of Performance Partout is in NJ. Not sure if he does this type of job, but find him, likely on facebook, and ask.

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