04/20/19 02:33 PM
Greetings -- #968 / 1000 checking in.

Well new to forum - obviously.

New to dealing with these cute little rice eating lawnmower engines..

Looking forward to getting to know the community, and Hopefully adding something as well..

968 has quite the story to tell and we will get around to that in the near future.. need to document it anyhow.

Who and I?

Well i have some experience in the Automotive industry, mostly as a line tech for 10years at GM dealership. So I am not completely ignorant to the ways of cars and how fickle they can be.. im Old.. or at least i feel ancient.

Will post some pictures sometime soon of 968 and the current debacle that is before me!

Thanks and hope to speak with all!

- The Curmudgeon

(Eager Beaver)
05/14/19 07:43 PM
Re: Greetings -- #968 / 1000 checking in.

Welcome and hope your story with the car is a happy ending, versus a time to walk away from it.

Many of these cars are needing attention, so I'm sure you have already got your popcorn and have started to take in all the info in the Archive and Technical Sections.

Happy to have another one aboard!

(Old member with new to me VR4 and starting over. Respect your elders kids)
05/15/19 05:44 AM
Re: Greetings -- #968 / 1000 checking in.

Welcome. Looking forward to seeing the build.

(Member +)
05/15/19 06:07 PM
Re: Greetings -- #968 / 1000 checking in.

Welcome looking forward to seeing your build thread!

(I have to say something dumb Member)
05/16/19 08:00 AM
Re: Greetings -- #968 / 1000 checking in.

Welcome aboard. Pics or it didn't happen!!!

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