01/17/19 06:58 AM
Gauge Cluster Broken?

So recently I have been having this intermittent problem with the cluster. So sometimes the fuel gauge goes way past full and the temperature gauge goes to 1/4 of the way. I have attempted to attach a photo. This photo is when the car is completely COLD. Also the door light in the cluster doesn't work unless you hit the cluster a few times. I notice as well that when hitting the cluster, the temperature goes up, but the car isnt even on. Is my cluster broken or is there another issue like grounding??
This issue only happens every once in a while but it still annoying.
Please help and thanks in advanced.

(I ain't no puny human)
01/17/19 07:13 AM
Re: Gauge Cluster Broken?

The clusters have wires that run along the outside of the motherboard. Pull the cluster and verify they aren't rubbing on anything or shorting.

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01/17/19 07:39 AM
Re: Gauge Cluster Broken?

Or if any are loose, broken or corroded.

01/28/19 06:10 AM
Re: Gauge Cluster Broken?

So i pull the cluster and inspected those wires you were talking about and all the wires were intact. Still the problem occurs. Only occasionally. Just went to fill the car up and the gauges were fine but i when i started the car yesterday it was once again broken. Please help

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03/01/19 08:58 AM
Re: Gauge Cluster Broken?

If you are having heat related issues, you likely have a connection that is on the verge of good/bad.

There are FSM gauge cluster testing procedures that take you thought checking each function of the cluster, but I suspect if everything works and then all of a sudden, doesn't, then you are looking at something like a ground or power trace being cracked/loose.

There are screw heads on the back of the cluster, and they indicate which function they have, as they are part way into the cluster from the main connector to the gauges themselves. I bet you have a trace that is fractured, and most likely down near the main cluster connection point.

Pull the cluster and look for micro fracture in the plastic/metal traces near that point. Otherwise, it is possible that there are loose screws, or a trace could be broken/loose just about anywhere else in the pad.

I had a buddy at work never get tach operation back on his toyota 95-2000 electronics and it has the same plastic board/metal trace on the back of those yazaki meters.

Let us know what you find. If there are any common grounds, this could be why things are on the fritz. Gauge clusters are proprietary wiring according to some in the cluster repair business, so there is no internal wire diagram but you can critique each gauge regardless.

09/11/19 05:47 AM
Re: Gauge Cluster Broken?

Car has been in paint over the winter and the issue died down alittle. Now that its getting hotter, the problem has come back.
I tried adding an extra ground (as the fuel gauge and the temp gauge use the same ground), didnt affect it.
I did however find out that it is affected by heat (temp inside car).
Tonight i will try to clean all the contacts on the cluster but i think its a wiring issues, not sure.
Using a different cluster didnt affect the issue, so cleaning the contacts probably wont fix the issue but it wont hurt.

Thoughts anyone??

09/11/19 07:18 AM
Re: Gauge Cluster Broken?

Okay so i found out that the other gauge cluster i have has the issue all the time, didnt even realise (even though its night time and cold out).
So cleaned up all the contacts that on the circuit board of the cluster and will wait till tomorrow for results.

10/22/19 12:01 AM
Re: Gauge Cluster Broken?

i ended up just grounding the temp gauge straight from the screw in the back of the cluster. As the fuel gauge and temp gauge grounds are connected, both ended up working again with the issue fixed. THanks for your help guys

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