12/06/18 09:12 AM
Fixing camber after lowering springs

Hello people,
Just wondering the ways to counteract the negative camber i got from installing lowering springs
Cheers in advance.

(I ain't no puny human)
12/06/18 10:07 AM
Re: Fixing camber after lowering springs

I assume you are talking about in the rear? There is a camber adjustment bolt on the rear upper control arm, near the rear diff that you can use to adjust some of it out, but probably not all of it.

(Eager Beaver)
12/06/18 07:51 PM
Re: Fixing camber after lowering springs

FWD E38 or AWD E39 setup?

Very specific procedure for rear adjustments involving the removal of the rear toe joints on the awd rear steer models, so we need to know what setup you have.

As Thom stated some adjustment can be made with the factory setup but it depends on how low you went and how the car is setup.

12/06/18 08:28 PM
Re: Fixing camber after lowering springs

Sorry guys, shouldve given details haha.
Yes its the rear, and awd setup.
I am a noob so just some simple (cost effective if possible) ways to lessen the negative camber

(Eager Beaver)
12/08/18 08:57 AM
Re: Fixing camber after lowering springs

Bulletin - Rear alignment procedure.


You will still have to try and dial out camber, but at least you will have had a proper alignment done.

Rear to Front - Caster, Camber, toe is the usual rundown of how to perform a 4 wheel alignment, as the front compensates for whatever is happening at the rear of the vehicle - ie Pull, dog tracking.

There is only so many adjustments that can be made at the rear of the early 90's independent rear suspension, and camber isn't going to be that large an adjustment one way or another, as the car is not meant to be "bagged" or "dumped" very low.

If you have an alignment sheet showing what your car sits at currently or visually, we can at least tell you our thoughts.

That being said, if the car is sitting in the weeds or on the bump stops, there is no helping the situation.

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