12/11/17 07:34 PM
Filler hose


So this part has been discontinued, mine is currently leaking pretty bad. Has anyone been able to just us a universal hose?

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12/11/17 08:38 PM
Re: Filler hose

Have you tried JNZ Tunning and Rockauto they might have a few left over?

12/11/17 09:50 PM
Re: Filler hose

I have tried both:(

Think it's gonna come down to me taking it off and going to a parts store and getting something as close as I can go work or make my own with 2 rubber hose ends and a pipe in between with clamps

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12/12/17 06:14 AM
Re: Filler hose

Adriano Saldatori

Galant VR4 & DSM barter/sell

He made one for me, good stuff.

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12/12/17 01:20 PM
Re: Filler hose

Someone on here bought the last 4 at one point, I don't remember who it was though.

Found it: click

12/12/17 08:49 PM
Re: Filler hose

Thank you thomcasey! He still has some and I'm gonna pick that one up!

Also thank you everyone for the help! Now I won't be leaving puddles of fuel everywhere lol

(fighting them with a large needle)
12/12/17 09:10 PM
Re: Filler hose

I bought the last two JNZ had.

I'll take one by the parts store when I get a chance and see if anything is a close match.

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