07/17/11 02:46 PM
engine harness

Does anyone make a "new" engine/wiring harness for the gvr4? After doing the engine and trans swap on 72/2000, i have come to realize that the P.O. hacked the life out of it. Im not the best when it comes to wiring or electronics for that matter, hence my asking for a new harness. Time really isn't an issue, as my gvr4 sits on stands. Input/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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07/19/11 10:35 AM
Re: engine harness

Nobody makes them new that I'm aware of, and I'd guess OEM is probably priced insane.

Time to learn to solder and shrink wrap!

Alternatively, watch for people parting out their cars, and they will sometimes have a good wiring harness for sale.

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07/19/11 11:40 AM
Re: engine harness

Main harness is NLA from what I recall.

07/19/11 11:48 AM
Re: engine harness

I might buy one. On the other hand, I'm seriously considering making my own with the intention of tucking the harness for a cleaner look. This weekend I'll try to take some pics and post them so everyone can see how much of a project I have on my hands. This is going to be a big favor to ask, but if someone could post each plug with a part number? That way at least I can purchase all new plugs and get this project headed in the right direction.

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06/08/19 09:31 AM
Re: engine harness

I know there are guys who make harnesses on eBay that aren't too expensive. I can get back to you on that.

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