07/07/11 01:04 PM
Manual transmission

i need your help with my manual transmission. I have the 1991 Galant 2,0 JA3CR46V2MZ014852 E33A
it has F5M22-1-RPKK gearbox

NOW, because i found a brand new gearbox (but with a little different number), the question is will it be compatible with my car

the model of that gearbox is F5M22-1-FRKC

does this mean that it won't work with my car? and here's more info click

please help:)
thank you

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07/07/11 01:37 PM
Re: Manual transmission

I am not sure. but I think the galant FWD gearbox has two clutch options. One of them is hard wire & the other way is same at the VR4.

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07/07/11 08:18 PM
Re: Manual transmission

the new box you found is for a Mirage/Lancer diesel and has a different final drive ratio (ie differential gear).

07/10/11 10:31 AM
Re: Manual transmission

thank you for answering,
so does that mean that gearbox has no use for my car?

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06/08/19 09:37 AM
Re: Manual transmission

I'm not sure it would work on the car considering bhe different drivetrains.

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06/08/19 09:35 PM
Re: Manual transmission

Dude you are responding to an 8yr old thread.

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06/10/19 06:05 PM
Re: Manual transmission

He's done that to a bunch of threads now. Not sure if bot or...

(less than one year to my birthday)
06/10/19 06:23 PM
Re: Manual transmission

Yeah I saw the list the other day lol, probably trying to get those min post count for Classifieds lol

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