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03/31/18 11:00 PM
SoCal Cars & Coffee

David (ApexHunter) and I decided to hit up Cars & Coffee this morning in San Clemente. There were a ton of sweet cars, and I'd say it was the best C & C I've been to to date. I did my best to capture some of the highlights, so here's my photo dump of the morning:

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04/01/18 12:11 AM
Re: SoCal Cars & Coffee

Great pics. Yeah I was there....but....there is so much to see and it's tough to focus. I wish I had taken a closer look at that 20B powered RX3. Damn that thing was cool.

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04/01/18 10:46 AM
Re: SoCal Cars & Coffee

I miss California

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04/01/18 03:45 PM
Re: SoCal Cars & Coffee

There are some really cool cars there, thanks for sharing!

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04/02/18 12:26 PM
Re: SoCal Cars & Coffee

Evo and GVR-4 look so clean. Great shots!

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04/04/18 04:32 PM
Re: SoCal Cars & Coffee

Thanks for sharing, surprise to see quite a few Acura Nsx.

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