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09/04/11 08:23 PM
Mitsubishi owners day NJ. October 8 2011


For the guys without facebook

Time: Saturday, October 8 9:00am - 2:00pm

Location: Riversharks Stadium Camden, NJ

401 N. Delaware Ave.

Camden, NJ 08102

More Info

For our annual Mitsubishi Owners Day, enthusiastic owners and fans will come together and share their passion for all things Mitsubishi! Free food and drinks will be provided to all owners who show up with their Mitsubishi. This is a family friendly event, so bring the kids and dogs!

Saw some pictures from last year, looked like mostly evo's.. but then again I was on a evo site.

(my title is ghey)
09/13/11 09:39 PM
Re: Mitsubishi owners day NJ. October 8 2011

well then...you must've missed my thread, ahem ahem


there were quite a few Galants out, as well as other Mitsu's

I plan on going this year, hopefully my car will be JDM bling blang by then

09/30/11 05:43 PM
Re: Mitsubishi owners day NJ. October 8 2011

I'll be there, The Galant won't be done, but I'm going to drive down either the Talon or the Rally Mirage.

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