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01/23/17 07:20 PM
Was there a reset?

Noticed the last couple of days getting a bunch of code when coming here and then a bunch of posts deleted. I am assuming you had to time machine it?

(I ain't no puny human)
01/24/17 08:29 AM
Re: Was there a reset?

That looked like a DB corruption. Seems he resorted to 1/17 backup to restore the DB

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01/25/17 12:57 PM
Re: Was there a reset?

Can confirm from other sources.

HertzGalant Administrator
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02/01/17 09:06 AM
Re: Was there a reset?


I suck.

09/12/20 04:58 AM
Re: Was there a reset?

Actually I had a question kind of on this topic Hertz. I am almost 99% positive I had an account on here probably back in '99 or so, was there ever a change of forums that potentially lost members or weren't ported over somehow?

(Eager Beaver)
09/16/20 04:26 PM
Re: Was there a reset?

I want to say that anyone that is inactive past X time frame is automatically moved to unregistered status.

IIRC correctly 1 yr inactive to trigger the switch?

(Turn Right Racing)
09/17/20 08:15 AM
Re: Was there a reset?

I thought it used to be one year, but there are inactive accounts older than that not yet moved to unregistered. Maybe it needs a manual review at some point which has not been done?

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