11/09/16 04:01 PM

Just curious, i saw a post under my account selling an evo 8 engine with specs. I checked ip address and different from the 1 i used. Edited my password and noticed a long password was entered. Changed it to new one and deleted the post.

HertzGalant VR4.org Administrator
(OneTitle to rule them all.)
11/09/16 05:45 PM
Re: Hacked?

The long password is just a smoke screen. It's not your actual password.

If you're at all suspicious, change all your passwords and this goes for everyone: do not use the same password in more than one place.

(Bungie Battery)
11/10/16 10:45 PM
Re: Hacked?

I'd hope password aren't saved so you shouldn't have to worry about someone stealing it from the org database. But yea.... don't use the same password in multiple places...

(Snow White)
11/17/16 10:58 AM
Re: Hacked?

I highly recommend LastPass. Most of my passwords are randomly generated strings of 30 characters each.

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