(Hogna Carolinensis)
07/17/15 06:15 PM
Search function issues

I'm having an issue with the search function. If I do a search in a specific forum, i.e. Parts for Sale and I try to go to the next page of matches it shows all forums on the second page. I thought it was an issue with chrome and my phone at first, but it's not working on my laptop either.

(Pwnd by Rance.)
07/19/15 05:36 PM
Re: Search function issues


(Turn Right Racing)
07/20/15 07:06 AM
Re: Search function issues

Have seen that also, could not remember if it was like that before.

HertzGalant Administrator
(OneTitle to rule them all.)
08/04/15 06:16 PM
Re: Search function issues

Fixed, I think. Thanks for the heads up.

(less than one year to my birthday)
08/16/18 11:50 AM
Re: Search function issues

Looks like this issue is back again. Search function and selecting a sub forum to search specifically is broken.

(New Title)
10/10/18 08:11 PM
Re: Search function issues

Just wanted to add that this issue is still there.

(Turn Right Racing)
05/07/19 07:56 PM
Re: Search function issues

Agreed that this issue still occurs.

Ryan if you see this, it could use some attention.


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