(my racist jokes aren't actually funny)
02/07/14 12:35 PM
Parts for sale new rules/issues

Thought I'd post this here for a discussion on the recent events in the for sale section.

I'm not sure going to mandatory pics will help, however there has to be a limit. I know there are several ads with pictures of solenoids that take up the whole screen.

Personally in ten years I have yet to be screwed once. I give myself credit of being a careful buyer. It's buyer beware in real life, so why not online. I have a specail bank account so even if that account number leaks, there's nothing there, and it can't get traced back to my savings.

I always ask for pics, unless it's a trusted source. Also, I don't think it's really the forums fault if you get screwed. If you don't ask for pics, send money as a gift, and don't know the person, and you get screwed, then it's your fault. I don't feel too bad about that.

Manatory pics will only eat up server memory, cause page loading issues and not to mention the inconvenience of simple little things. We all know what a stock IC pipe looks like or even a box of bolts. If you want pics, I'll text them. It's faster, easier, and saves space on the server, which lowers cost.

Yes, crooks should be dealt with, and possibly banned from the site. We have a bad guy thread, and others do take care of each other.

I'm sorry to say, but if you get robbed, or screwed, or don't get what you bought, then I don't see how it's the forums fault. I don't believe the forum needs to hold your hand through a sale process.

Sure manatory pics will help weed out scammers, but if someone is very generic and don't voluntarily post pics, and sounds too good to be true, then yea it's fishy, stay away. Scammers will still find a way to post and keep doing what they do.

My two cents.

(A hole)
02/07/14 03:57 PM
Re: Parts for sale new rules/issues

^ I absolutely agree 100%. I'll just reiterate what I said in the other thread here. It don't ever think someone deserves to get scammed, but you have got to use common sense. As of now, I too have NEVER been scammed doing business on the internet. And, I can say I do a lot of business selling parts and whatnot in various places on the web. Craigslist has banned HTML code within ads. They now require you to upload images to their site, and it fucking sucks trying to make a coherent ad without being able to hyperlink directly into the text. I like being able to upload images to one central location, and link them into sale ads in various places. Having to upload images on every site is time consuming, and sucks ass. If a buyer is paranoid about loosing an image, right click and save as. Hell, take a screenshot. Done. I definitely agree steps should be taken to reduce scammers, but not at the expense of making it harder for honest sellers to do business.

As I posted in the other thread, I follow some seemingly common sense things while doing business on this forum, as well as others in order to keep from getting screwed.
-Get pictures of the item BEFORE you buy it. If you are promised gold, and and turd shows up at your door, at least then you'll have a case with PayPal.
-Be cautious when buying from brand new members. Being new doesn't make you a crook, but if your first post is selling shit, your BS flag should be going up.
-Look for members who are contributing and established, not just someone who posts to peddle parts.
-Don't EVER gift unless you know and trust the seller.
-Look on T00ners and other related forums for bad reps if none exist here. There's only so many places crooks can go to slang 4G63 parts to a crowd of interested members.
-Limit purchases over $50 bucks to people you, or someone you know has done business with before. Sending hundreds of dollars to a complete stranger you know nothing about is just insane to me.
-If the seller doesn't know shit about what they are selling, then you might not want to do business with them.
-Lastly, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

The web isn't a safe place guys. Privacy and security on the web are an illusion. There's nothing but time separating you, from someone who has decided they want to exploit you. If you are valuable, or make yourself a target, kiss your ass goodbye, because no amount of firewalls, malware protection, hardware of software will protect you. Want to be safe? Then unplug your computer from the internet forever. If you think companies like Verisign and GeoTrust make you safe, you are sadly mistaken. For some of you computer savvy guys, I'm preaching to the choir. For others, you need to do your best to use common sense, and not make yourself vulnerable to people willing to exploit you.

(my racist jokes aren't actually funny)
02/07/14 04:27 PM
Re: Parts for sale new rules/issues

I do think a newbie rule regarding a minimum post count of at least 100 would help with the "drive-by" sellers. I honestly ignore them.

(maybe this is a rule, can't remember.)

I know tooners and EVOm do it to reduce scams.

(Eager Beaver)
02/07/14 08:06 PM
Re: Parts for sale new rules/issues

Sadly, that's a post count that would take a considerable effort to accomplish. Good and bad.
I would say we're pretty tight knit here and the information has been covered many times over, but something new does show up regularly.

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