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10/24/10 01:20 PM
Hmmmm.... my cams

When fixing my engine earlier this summer, I bought a stock (jdm) head with some cams in it. The cams are made by comp and they are their lightest flavor (very top of the list). To start with, I'm not 100% sure these are the cams I have because I figured it out by my superior powers of deduction. I bought the head from autobahntom, who is a really great guy btw, and he said the cams were made by a company called Zex. A quick google search popped up with a company called zex that makes some cams for hondas and some nitrous kits and whatnot. I couldn't find any info on zex cams for mitsu, but at the bottom of their website, they have a comp logo. Zex is a part of the comp performance group, so maybe by Zex cams, Tom really meant Comp cams. I looked through comp's catalog and found mitsu cams, specifically cams with part number 101100. The only number markings on the cams I have is an 11 right in the middle, so based on the information from Tom and the '11' marking (as opposed to 12, 13 or 14), I have concluded that these are Comp's least aggressive cam. spec sheet

Here you can see the cams and their '11'

Ok, so I want to do a little comparison of HKS 264's vs these

Part # Description ----------- Duration @ .050"------------ Gross Lift w/1.7
HKS264 HKS 264 ------------ 187 / 186-------------- .392"/.374

264 Intake
Max Valve Lift - 10.3mm (0.4055")
Centerline at 0mm vavle lift 105 deg
Intake Valve timing at 1mm (0.0394")
Valve opens at 2 deg BTDC
Valve closes at 28 deg ABDC
Valve Centerline 103

264 Exhaust
Max Valve Lift - 9.8mm (0.3858")
Centerline at 0mm vavle lift 117 deg
Exhaust Valve timing at 1mm (0.0394")
Valve opens at 42 deg BBDC
Valve closes at -12 deg ATDC
Valve Centerline 117 deg

The problem I am having in making this comparison is it seems like these two cams are vastly different. According to the comp spec sheet, the valves open and close at 0/180 degrees, but if they have a duration of 251/250, then that doesn't make sense. Maybe the spec sheet is incomplete?

Anyways, besides not really being able to compare these on paper, I'm having a hard time even noticing a difference from stock. The car idles like stock, spools like stock, and pulls like stock. The only bit of feedback I've gotten is my dad mentioning the car sounds a little more throaty. Maybe I am not noticing a difference because I don't have any other mods, or perhaps I have a boost leak or something like that. What do you all think?

10/24/10 08:23 PM
Re: Hmmmm.... my cams

I was reading a bit about these cams from this site . Check out the numbers from post #20.

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10/25/10 06:00 PM
Re: Hmmmm.... my cams

Well, after some serious searchings, it looks like these aren't comp cams by any means. The CWC on them means they are made by CWC, which I've never heard of, but the cams work fine, so I guess I'll live with them for now. I definitely like the sound of those COMPs though.

10/25/10 06:22 PM
Re: Hmmmm.... my cams



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