10/05/10 06:26 PM
Which MBC to use?

My turbo xs boost controller seems to have sprung a leak and is sucking air, so I am looking to replace it. Any suggestions on a cheap and reliable boost controller?

Terry Posten
(Old Balls)
10/05/10 07:25 PM
Re: Which MBC to use?

Lower Shores Performance click

(less than one year to my birthday)
10/05/10 09:38 PM
Re: Which MBC to use?

+1 on the Lower Shores.

10/05/10 09:51 PM
Re: Which MBC to use?

Ive been running my Hallman pro issue free forever now. It was given to me though. So I wont complain.

(Rod Stewart)
10/06/10 08:45 AM
Re: Which MBC to use?

Hallman pro. rock solid boost control no spikes

(Member +++)
10/06/10 10:06 AM
Re: Which MBC to use?

Hallman pro or lower shores. I have the hallman pro.

(Extreme Indoor Cyclist)
10/06/10 10:11 AM
Re: Which MBC to use?

Quoting raptorreed:

+1 on the Lower Shores.

(retard monkey strength)
10/06/10 08:43 PM
Re: Which MBC to use?

I have the Hallman Pro cockpit adjust MBC on my Evo and the LS one on the Galant. IMO the LS one seems to manage spiking better than the Hallman. The Hallman is nice for tuning boost but I don't mind stopping and adjusting the LS MBC.

Plus it's less than 1/2 price.


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