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10/31/04 02:05 PM

If you swear in the thread title your thread will be deleted, no matter how informative or how bad the question needs to be answered in this section. This is a informative board not a street corner or playground...

This area is for general Galant VR-4 discussions only! A "general" question could be body or interior related, opinion polls, etc. The techincal forum is for troublehsooting major mechanical, tuning, suspension setup, etc.

Links to other sites, video links, eBay links (non-gvr4), etc are more applicable to the "Anything Goes" forum. eBay links for parts can be placed in the Parts For Sale Section. Any other for sale items, please list in Miscellaneous For Sale.

Also, please make sure your subject line accurately represents the message. This helps us keep the forums in order!

Please use the Check Spelling button, it is easy to use, makes you look smart, and helps get your questions answered when people can read your post!

Thank you all for your cooperation and support!

If anyone has information that they would like to have included in this post please contact a moderator.

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