04/24/21 09:20 PM
Need ECMLink mentor in So Cal

I live in Southern California (Ventura County), and I'm looking for a ECMlink guru/mentor to help guide me.

I've got 'link and a WB working correctly. I've watched many videos. I've posted on the forum page with mixed results.

I'm running the EVO 8 fuel and timing maps, but due to what I believe is phantom knock, I'm tentative to do much more than that.

I'm confident that I am not using link as well as I could be. And instead of for several more months, it would be easier/quicker/smarter/better for someone that knows what they are doing to take a look.

More than happy to compensate you for your time.

05/03/21 06:24 PM
Re: Need ECMLink mentor in So Cal

Not in cali but if you post a log a would be able to take a look at it for you.

(Junior Member)
05/04/21 11:57 PM
Re: Need ECMLink mentor in So Cal

Hey send me a PM I can point you to someone possibly in Van Nuys / SoCal area

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