(Deer Slayer)
10/01/20 12:33 PM
Looking for 1608/2000 and 1901/2000

Anyone have any knowledge of the whereabouts of 1608 and 1901?

I sold 1608 to a guy named Robert (hispanic last name, maybe Morales) in Billings, MT in like 2006. It's very likely he still has it. He told me they'd find his two GVR4s in his garage when he dies and I believe him.

1901 has been through lots of people since 2012. I sold it to Tom O in 2012 and it's been through at least Joshua Weaver then Jesse Schwenk since.

I know I won't see 1608 again, but I'd like to get my hands on 1901 if it's not rusted away or scrapped.

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