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11/28/19 02:09 PM
Colorado vr4s?

Curious how many people there are in Colorado with vr4s
I’m trying to replace my wire harness and it would be awesome to have another galant here to reference and maybe a helping hand.
My harness is trashed and spliced in 50x places.
I have a new one on its way and I plan to clean it up and redo the plastic sheathing.
I thought about doing some rubber insulation tape- it’s a thick heat/cold resistant silicone self fusing tape.
I’m not sure what to do with the connectors but I will probably leave them for now if they are in good shape.
Still open to ideas on what to replace, how to etc

Anyway- anyone in Colorado open to helping and or just swinging by so I can take a peak of your engine bay

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12/02/19 08:31 AM
Re: Colorado vr4s?

In the past there have been very many GVR4 owners in Colorado. Not sure how many are still active here.

You can try to message Toybreaker (his name is John). He might be able to offer some assistance. Not sure his frequency of visiting, but I know he stops in occasionally even if he does not post.

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12/05/19 10:49 PM
Re: Colorado vr4s?

To add to what Dave has stated, there are plenty of resources within this board that far exceed any other board dedicated to the galant vr4 platform, regardless of model year.

Having said that, please utilize the search function, review the “Members Showcase” portion of this forum, and reach out to any/all members. We WILL square you away and assist you as time permits -I assure you

Reviewing your message you also have a host of vendors that can assist you in reaching your goals with solid quality parts to include:

1) JNZ Tuning
2) Road Race Engineering
3) Extremepsi

With regard to your wiring and so forth, Sheridan Engineering offers plenty of Stock OEM replacement Connector and wiring solutions that will save you time and money. *JNZ offers their kit

If you have any additional questions again, please utilize this board and we will assist you. G/L

12/16/19 09:08 AM
Re: Colorado vr4s?

We have a fairly large group here and we have a facebook group with about 70 members. we use that to set up meets, share photos and help each other out etc. Colorado gvr4 is the name of the group.

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