09/11/19 07:21 AM
Removing Cluster Needles

Anyone know how to remove the needles on the cluster?? Or even how to take apart the entire cluster? I think i may have a fault rpm gauge (still works but it sags and therefore is out or inaccurate).
I have another cluster with a good and working rpm gauge but the cluster is different ( has different warning lights and speedo only goes to 180) (Mines must be a auspec one as it goes to 240???)

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09/11/19 01:36 PM
Re: Removing Cluster Needles

Been a long time since I've done it, there's a couple screws that you remove from the black trim surrounding the instrument panel and after that you can remove the screws which hold the cluster. A couple wiring harnesses that need to be disconnected in the back and then the whole thing comes out. Needles are friction fit and pull straight off. I believe you can use a fork for leverage, just make sure you mark their position so you can get them back on correctly.

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09/24/19 10:31 PM
Re: Removing Cluster Needles

Here is an old “how-to” that I did.

How-To “Repainting Gauge Cluster Needles”

There are tips in the comments below my post in that thread including one about using a fork to remove the needles but I just pulled them off the spindles carefully.

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