(JDM Unit)
08/14/19 07:35 PM
Offsets Wheel

Is anyone running 17 x 9 +37mm ?:!

(both buccal and lingual)
08/15/19 08:33 AM
Re: Offsets Wheel

I don't run them, but I have some Forgelines that are around that dimension that I can now mount up to show you how they fit.
I need to understand where the rim width is actually measured. Is width actually the inside to inside dimension where the tire bead rests?
If so my forgelines are likely 8.5" as IIRC the outside lip to outside lip is around 9.0". They currently have 275mm hoosiers on them so when fit to the car it could give you an indication.

I would just have to measure and do the math to see what the offset is, then post some pics. Unless there is a stamp on the back of the wheel... didn't think about that.


(Turn Right Racing)
08/15/19 03:24 PM
Re: Offsets Wheel

Wheel width is measured bead to bead for the descriptive measurement. Actual outside width is of course important for clearance determination.

10/02/19 10:16 PM
Re: Offsets Wheel

I've got 17x9 +35s. I'd have to looks, but 2°ish camber all around. Rear fits close to the lip on the subframe but clears if shaved down. Fronts are aggressive.

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