07/29/19 12:22 PM
Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

Hello Everybody! It's been many, many years since I've graced these glorious halls. I've lurked quite a few times but it's been long enough that I lost my old Login, PastaRocket. Before that I was 1778/3000. Anyway, here's the rub...

It's been about 9 years since 1778 was on the road. When I parked her I was in a different place in my life. I was 26, had no money and was borrowing the delivery truck from the auto parts store I worked at when the VR4 was out of commission. As you all can imagine, that was quite a lot. When I finally broke down and bought a DD I scratched and clawed to keep 1778. I moved it around to different peoples’ houses for the first couple years until I had a condo and of my own to park it. It was garaged for 6 years at the condo. When I moved 18 months ago and didn't have a garage anymore I parked her in my driveway. In the year and a half it’s been parked outside, 3-4 people have stopped and rung my door bell asking about buying her. I've never considered it until recently when I met a nice young dude who really, really appreciated the car. I finally felt compelled to pass 1778 on.

As I started to get organized to sell and make lists of all the things I've done to her over the years, I kind of had a break down and realized I really didn't want to move on. Things are different now. I have a great job and some disposable income. Although I don't work in the automotive field anymore I maintained a few contacts that still tinker. Since I started making more money I never really thought about possibly getting her back on the road... until now.

My goals would be different now. I'm not into street-night at the track or dusting Mustangs anymore. I just want to feel that feeling again. Being pushed into your seat as the turbo spools and you start pushing hard. The excited looks people give you when they realize what it is or "get it" when you explain. The horrified looks people give you when you're screaming down the highway with the wastegate open. I just miss that VR4 feeling. It's like you know a secret that only a select group know or even understand. I'm not going to be building for speed this time around but more for fun and reliability (hahahaha, I’m laughing at the reliability part too but hey we all dream).

So long story short... for those who have loved, lost and tried to love again, any advice? I know some of you have gotten out of the scene and gotten back in. Were you glad you came back? Was the feeling you were missing “real” or did it fade the 1st time you blew out 2nd gear or the welds on your intercooler let loose? Basically, did you find what you were looking for or did you slam face first into the wall that took you out in the first place?

In case you're wondering about life context, I'm engaged to my girlfriend of 7 years who has never been in the car. We'll *hopefully* be getting married and maybe kiddos in the next 2-4 years. She claims to support whatever I want to do but ya'll know that can change quick when you're playing adult.

Thanks everyone. Sorry for the long post.

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07/29/19 01:07 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

Well, welcome back. I have a GVR4 that hasn't moved in a number of years (under its own power), and I sold my second last year. I hope to have the remaining car running yet this year. Another veteran here is getting his going after a long while (PJ, check his posts recently).

So, I never really left, but I too want the experience of driving it again. Soon hopefully. I consider it rare enough that I don't want to ever sell, and I may not get it back. I sometimes miss the one I sold last year (it was an infrequent driver, not daily).


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07/29/19 01:13 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

Welcome back!
I feel you. My timing is a little longer than yours, but #490 had been JSB since 2007ish... coincidentally my first daughter was born in 2007.

After several feeble attempts to resurrect it, (1990 oil cooler added about 2012, passenger front half shaft swapped 2014, new rear brake calipers last year), I finally got a bug up my butt to get it on the road. After a few weeks I managed to fit and weld a cat back together, finally closing up all the holes I burned through the exhaust pipe..., and now I am rehabbing my rusty gas tank, but it has run around the block a few times in the last week and will soon be out again.

For me, my initial goals (circa 1999 LOL) of autocrossing and daily driving to dust lowly mustangs, etc from stoplights is really done. 25 yrs ago cars rarely had over 300hp from factory. From 2010 to 2014 or so I had a maggied CTS-V that would pull >1G in corners and was >400 hp to the wheels and started and drove flawlessy everytime I turned the key. While builds on the GVR4 would far exceed that, my T3/T04E and circa 2001 mod list would not really do much except maybe first gear against all kinds of daily drivers, including those from KIA, etc.

We live in an age where lots of cars are plenty zippy and many are stupid fast from the factory. Heck, my current 335iX GT is somewhere in the 13s 1/4 bone stock (preowned warranty in effect).

I'm not sure what I will do with my car when I get it road worthy. I will likely find someone that wants to take it to a different level or just enjoy driving it for what I wanted out of it. My wife never liked it and despises living in Michigan winters with the GVR4 in the garage and her car outside. Well, that will change this winter for sure.

The first time I pulled some boost last weekend I definitely got a smile on my face, though, don't get me wrong. The smell of non-catted, pig rich tune wafting through the cabin, the waaay too short short shifter poking through the console, that was great and brought a tear to my eye.... although some of that could have been that I warmed it up in the garage and those fumes were getting strong!

So yes, I'm back and asking all kinds of "newb" questions since I've been away so long.

Still a great forum with lots of knowledge as always!


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07/29/19 01:26 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

I left the 6G game as I had moved on to the 7G and then the 8G etc but of course I came crawling back. Out of all my many Galants I've owned, by VR-4 is the one that has stuck by me for the longest of time. I think I'll be hanging on to it for quite a while yet!

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07/29/19 05:42 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

I haven't sold and got another one, but mine was down for 3+ years. After a good under the hood refresh, I drove it short trips on the weekend for about a year. The brakes were really worn out, so I got that replaced. New tires, upgrade suspension I was ready to have a nice toy car for awhile. My centerforce clutch disk with about 40-45K mild miles just fell apart.

Hopefully after a clutch\flywheel replacement I can really enjoy it. For a short moment, it drove really smooth and the H&R\AGX combo felt really good. The engine has never felt stronger.

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07/29/19 07:52 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

As an owner of one since 1998 I can say that my goals and wants with the car have changed over the years. As a younger guy I wanted to go as fast as possible and beat most things at the track. The car did pretty well in the mid 2000's at that but I soon got tired of spending money chasing numbers for nothing other than to be able to say it ran xx.xx @ xxx mph. That requires constant launching and breaking parts and upgrading as parts break which equals LOTS of money spent. I'd rather spend that money on other hobbies, home stuff, etc. As the car got older I just wanted to keep it clean and cruise around and sometimes romp on it...go to shows, meet others with unique older cars and BS about them over beers. As a 43 year old I just want the same things you describe. I have had thoughts of selling it but I know I'd regret it soon after if I did. So it sits in the garage holding the floor down mostly. I took it to the RADwood show in the PNW last weekend which is the first time driving it a substantial distance since about 2012. The car did great and I had a blast meeting and talking with like-minded people about quirky cars. I plan to keep it as long as possible doing that.

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07/29/19 08:56 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

Haven't left the game, but also haven't driven it in way too long.

These aren't worth enough to be worth selling, so probably will enjoy it for many more years.

(A hole)
07/30/19 12:15 AM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

I'm a noob in the grand scheme, but seeing people over the years come and go has certaintly solidified the saying, "They always come back".

I've thought about selling out here and there at times to pursue other projects I'd like to get into. The deal breaker for me is twofold; First I doubt I'll ever have the time to reinvest, and second, clean Galant VR-4s are getting harder to find.

If ownership has taught me anything, it's that enjoying the car is far more rewarding than wrenching on it. When the scales tip toward wrenching nonstop, that's typically when you want to give up.

If I can leave you with one thing, I'd say shoot for spending more time on the road than in the garage. Your budget and body will thank you for it.

07/30/19 04:21 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

I'm still a noob myself. I spent 4 years looking for a gvr4, I bought 1058/2000 but that car to me felt like it had bad juju. I still have it but for a parts car. This past February I bought 1209/2000 and slowly getting her back to her glory. Anyways enough about me and glad to have all of the og's back.

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07/30/19 05:04 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

Quoting JNR:

Haven't left the game, but also haven't driven it in way too long.

These aren't worth enough to be worth selling, so probably will enjoy it for many more years.

Pretty much, they aren't worth selling right now. That and I've seen folks come back to the Galant VR4 from EVOs and WRX/STi.

They seem to be a good mix of vintage and modern when built up right up. I don't think mine feels anything like a 1992 car. The way the turbo and power comes on makes it extra fun.

08/01/19 11:19 AM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

Thanks everybody. It's great to get the feedback. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in that feeling. It gives me hope and encouragement. Whether I get what I'm looking for out of 1778 or not the warm nostalgic feeling of a community of people that are so helpful and genuinely give a shit is heartwarming and I remember it well. I'm very grateful for all the help this community provided me back in the day when this shit was my absolute LIFE.

It's especially cool to see some of you old time guys still around. Iceman… holy shit you’re still here! Gvr4ever, JNR, PJ I remember you too. And of course… turbowop. I remember drooling over 1051 every day for years. Mark, I don't know if I remember correctly but was it yours that was in that old Super Street magazine feature that I still have in a box somewhere in my basement??

Thanks again to everyone. I'll be sure to let ya'll know how it shakes out.

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08/01/19 12:05 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

I've had my car since '05, and in '07 I took it apart, sold the motor, and started a build. I then met & married my wife (married 2011), and she was the prime force in me not parting the car out, and actually finishing it and getting it running (2013).

After 5 years of mojo, I sold the motor (LOL) a week before my first kid was born (may 2018), and I've not quite gotten it all back together with the new motor yet, but life happens and stuff takes time.

For me, the car is paid for, I don't owe on any of the parts, so if it sits in the garage on comprehensive insurance only ($30/yr) it's not really hurting anything.

At this point, i don't think I could bring myself to sell it or part it out unless the price was absolutely ridiculous.

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08/01/19 03:08 PM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

Quoting IWasPastaRocket:

Mark, I don't know if I remember correctly but was it yours that was in that old Super Street magazine feature that I still have in a box somewhere in my basement??

Yup, but it was Modified Magazine which is no longer published. The car is quite a bit different since that feature. But then, it's only been 12 years

08/13/19 10:24 AM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

I didn't own a gvr4, but I had a fully built 92 GSX that I loved. Ended up parting it out when I got engaged to pay for the wedding. I grabbed a 90 GSX that I kept mostly stock as a daily and then sold when I moved from Ohio to Chicago. Went through a period of about 3 years without any Mitsu or fun car as I navigated newly married life in a new city and state. Things all came together and finally the opportunity came to grab #287. Spent the next 3.5 years in repair and rebuilding in no small part to my one of my best friends who was pivotal to making it all work. Now she's spent the last year or so completed and road worth with just finishing touches and tweaks. I couldn't be happier honestly, I hated not having a turbo Mitsu to drive around when the weather is nice.

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08/19/19 11:19 AM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

Ughh.. So I've just been kind of lurking around. I haven't been on this site much since I sold 580 a couple years ago. I regret getting rid of her pretty much every day. It seems like every time I hangout with any of my car friends they ask about the ole girl. It is even worse that every year around shoot out facebook hits me with "memories" back when Tim Harper and I battled for DSM max effort supremacy. I could see myself getting back in the game some day.

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08/19/19 11:55 AM
Re: Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

Dam love this post.

I've owned 2 gvr4 , rx7, nsx,skyline you name it.

I'm a 33 year old father of 3.

And for some reason I always miss the gvr4, I'm coming back as soon as I can find a clean one, it's definitely my unicorn of a vehicle that I love so much, it's definitely hard to explain

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