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02/09/19 06:38 PM
E85 question

In the mist of changing my street car over to e85 and possibly changing my lines from the tank to -8 and -6. Do I need to change them or can I get by without changing them?

Feel free to tell me your e85 setup

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02/10/19 02:40 PM
Re: E85 question

I've been looking for a small 6" rubber fuel line that is submersible in e85, no luck.

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02/13/19 01:11 PM
Re: E85 question

Neoprene or Buna-N rubber is compatible with ethanol.

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03/01/19 11:07 AM
Re: E85 question

Great primer on what to look for in terms of ratings, incompatibilities and what not.


I've seen it before, but lucked onto it again today when you asked these questions.

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03/01/19 11:11 AM
Re: E85 question

Be aware that if your fuel system seeing X amount of boost, it will be rising one psi per lb of boost, so that doesn't leave much of a window or outright surpasses 50 psi rated lines.
I think that put you in nylon or the 30R9 category as listed, but not sure if that means pushlock fuel hose, but likely that is it. Not supposed to need clamps on that fuel line, but they mention clamping ... but maybe they mean a crimp like an ac pressure hose, but with pushlock hose. It is essentially pressures that AC hoses would see.

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03/01/19 05:50 PM
Re: E85 question

I'm running PTFE AN braided hose on my car, -8 from the tank to the firewall, and then mostly factory return.

While I haven't been running E85 on the old motor, the fuel setup is unchanged, and with base pressure at 50psi (because tiny injectors (that are getting replaced)), I was seeing peak fuel pressure of 77 PSI, and nothing blew apart Though frankly, once you get to the regulator, the output side of that should be much, much lower pressure.

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03/05/19 06:54 AM
Re: E85 question

I ran into the issue of the factory return being too small for a walbro 450. I am waiting to install my fuel pressure sensor to confirm suspicions but everything is pointing to that being the case. When running E85 it wasn't an issue but when going back to pump gas, with the engine using less fuel volume, the pressure issue shows up again.

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03/25/19 05:36 PM
Re: E85 question

have you considered running the factory send line as the return? with that and a Bosch 044 on a buddy's car, I was able to turn base pressure down under 15psi.

I can tell you that with the walbro 450 in tank and the walbro 392 on the firewall in my car, my idle pressure is rock solid, though I'm running 50psi base, so YMMV.

Do you have a sensor on the regulator? I wouldn't expect to see pressure ramp past 1:1 when driving, so if it's good at idle, it should be ok...

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