12/14/17 04:45 PM
Recover my old account


I was a member in this group since 2000 or so and the last time I remember login here was some time in 2007ish. I'm trying to get into my account, but forgot all my info. How can I get back to my old account? Or is my old account still active?? Thanks.

(god hates stupid people)
12/15/17 02:32 PM
Re: Recover my old account

you might be able to, though you might want to post your old username...

(Turn Right Racing)
12/19/17 07:22 AM
Re: Recover my old account

Hopefully a mod/admin will reply, but I think after two years or so the account disappears.

steveGalant VR4.org Administrator
(Key Fob Guy)
12/19/17 10:51 PM
Re: Recover my old account

You can PM me the email address that you used, but it may be gone.

(5 star (English Professor) member Has extensive pop up picture book collection)
12/20/17 02:16 PM
Re: Recover my old account

They will restore you, for a fee.

12/21/17 03:26 PM
Re: Recover my old account

Okay, it's been too long. I forgot what email or username I used. Like someone mentioned. It haven't been active for too long, it might of got removed.

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