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03/07/17 01:43 PM
Shifter cable install

Hi everyone,

New to GVR4s here but not new to DSMs. Working on getting the galant back up and running. Installing a set of shift cables and the rubber boot is just not cooperating. Trying to get it to sit in place and its damn difficult. Anyone with any ideas to get it in place properly? I will post up pics of the car once I pull it out of the garage. I searched but couldn't find anything that would help my situation.

Thanks in advance.

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03/07/17 04:08 PM
Re: Shifter cable install

Figured it out. One of those things I don't ever wish to replace again. Advice for anyone else doing this put some Vaseline on the rubber boot and then lots of finesse. There is no easy way to do this job unless you already have the dash removed. My interior was complete and I only removed the center console. If anyone has any questions about this let me know?


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