12/03/13 11:47 AM
Which cam angle sensors are compatable?

I need to run over to the local Pick N Pull on my lunch break in hopes of finding a cam angle sensor for my GVR4 that is stuck at work. I'll obviously check the 4G63 power cars, but which other cars/ engines should I check if I can't find any 4G63's? My understanding is that there are sensors that look the same but are not. I know I need a '91+ for the correct connector. Thank you.

(Capt Fabbin Stabbin)
12/03/13 12:00 PM
Re: Which cam angle sensors are compatable?

correct me if im wrong but the 1.6L,1.8L dohc and 2.0L dohc turbo or non turbo will work. eagle talon,eclipse,laser. DSM 91 to 94/95

(It's no Mirage, man)
12/03/13 01:39 PM
Re: Which cam angle sensors are compatable?

Just look for a 91-94 DOHC DSM. A Galant GS or GSX (depending on year) will work too but they're pretty rare. Most of the Hyundai stuff uses 90 style DSM sensors and they are slightly different.

12/09/13 05:10 PM
Re: Which cam angle sensors are compatable?

As long as you don't take one of those weird DSM ones they are all interchangeable if they are mechanically identical... so if it fits onto the head and the plug it will work.
The earlier ones with metal cover are optical ones (LEDs and phototranistors), the later ones use hall sensors, but the output signals are all the same. If you can, get one of the later ones with the plastic cover (e.g. Colt/Mirage with 4G93 DOHC) - those are the hall type sensors, which are a bit more accurate in theory, but you should mainly go for them because they arent 20+ years old...

The DSM ones with the huge metal rotor are 90 off, so you would have to change the wiring at the injectors and coils - but as they are not a bolt-on replacement just don't go for one of those...

Just look out for any Mitsubishi 4G6 or 4G9 DOHC engine from ~88-94 and you will find a fitting sensor

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