(I have to say something dumb Member)
04/10/12 07:04 AM

just picked it up last night, runs and drives great, needs a little bit of love to be back in fighting shape but its ok... if anyone has any info on her history let me know.... the badge is def not the original, so im not really sure if it is the right number. i picked her up for 2000, it has a decent amount of under paint rust in areas and a lot of surface undercarriage rust and the compression was a little on the low end side, but will make for a nice daily A to B and who knows maybe some new panels to make it look good again one day down the road.. the main reason i bought it was to hold me over till 1687 is done and gets her evo interior and new motor swapped in, my future brother-in-law gave me some of the money to buy it so instead of paying him back ill prolly sell it to him in a few weeks/months, when 1687 is done being built... he has fallen in love with these cars...

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