06/03/11 08:53 AM
6A13 Block Differences

Hi guys,

Can someone tell me what the block differences between the 6A13TT and 6A13 SOHC are?
I assume the TT has under piston oil squirters, but besides that?
Also, are the cranks the same? Water/oil pumps etc?


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06/03/11 06:51 PM
Re: 6A13 Block Differences

Try www.clubvr4.com.

("Just to be pedantic!")
06/03/11 09:24 PM
Re: 6A13 Block Differences

^^ yeah what he said. From memory the oil filter is mounted in different places between the 6A13 SOHC and the 6A13 turbo, just like the 6A12. The SOHC has the filter mounting on the block under the front bank exhaust manifold while the turbo has the filter off the oil pump - so I would assume the oil galleries are perhaps different. I am fairly sure the crankshafts are the same between the two, perhaps even with the con-rods also, but the pistons are definitely different.

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