11/21/10 09:28 AM
no spark

i bought a 91 g vr-4, when i bought it it had no ecu in it. i later got a ecu not sure if its the ecu or not but it still doesnt have fire, i have changed the cas and still doesnt have fire,,, help

(retard monkey strength)
11/22/10 06:05 AM
Re: no spark

Check the coil pack and the coil ignitor, plug and plug wires. put an idiot light on the plug wires or put a multimeter on the coil pack harness connector. start at one end move back. The start is the plugs, move back from there.


(Member +)
11/22/10 06:54 AM
Re: no spark

^^^^ that and check the MFI relay. Its under the passenger side dash by the ecu.

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