10/05/10 11:55 PM

I took my car to emissions and failed at 5 hydrocarbons when the limit was 1.5 and i put in a stock ecu, injectors, and maf. The car was at 3.14. I have a turbo back exhaust with a cat but not sure if thats the problem. I was also wondering if anyone has ever heard of putting alcohol in the fuel tank and it worked to pass emissions. Any help would be good, Thanks!

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10/06/10 08:21 AM
Re: Emissions

is your EGR and charcoal canister hooked up?

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10/06/10 09:13 AM
Re: Emissions

Alcohol in the fuel system can help, but if you are at 5 and then 3.+ it sounds like you are off on CO not HC. Basically the car is running to rich. If the catalyst is working properly it will clean up some of the CO. I don't know how your state tests but if you run on the rollers, make sure the catalyst is working properly and keep the engine rpm up while waiting in line to keep the cat lit off.

(Banthony )
10/06/10 11:47 AM
Re: Emissions

Being AWD it probably gets the two speed idle test.
Did you take it out and run it hard before taking it in for emissions? Getting the kitty nice and HOT will help with emissions as well.
An oil change can work wonders for emissions.
When i did emissions, i found that sometimes creating a small vacuum leak at the manifold (leaning out the mix) on a car that had no tuning ability would make them pass.

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