(manly-loud yet refined)
10/17/07 07:40 AM
Clearance of '90 oil fitler housing...

I have a '90 oil filter housing with out the water cooling and I have a fitting going from there that allows oil to the turbo feed line...my question is what do you all have for clearances there where it 90s off for the turbo feed line?! I am looking at only .25" and I hoping that's enough or should I figure something else in?! I don't want the fitting to snap and throw oil everywhere and hurt the engine...will the engine vibration be enough to possibly knock that fitting off?!

(Too Clean)
10/17/07 08:00 AM
Re: Clearance of '90 oil fitler housing...

Which port are you using, the bottom? I have a 90 with hardly any clearance. Before removing that subframe brace, I was barely able to get the 90* fitting in the top port without removing much else. Now that I have it all apart I'm moving the fitting to the lower port and hopefully it will still fit.

The fitting I have is a standard cast fitting.

In other words, hardly any room at all :-)

(manly-loud yet refined)
10/17/07 08:13 AM
Re: Clearance of '90 oil fitler housing...

oh i also have window weld filled motor mounts. what kind of clearance are you guys runnin? oh yea, i am running the bottom hole. thanks

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