07/28/03 02:01 PM
DSM shifter assembly in GVR4


Does anyone know if I will have any problems shifting my 92 Galant VR4 if I switch to a DSM shifter base and shifter assembly and use Galant VR4 cables? I did this a while back on my Galant -- and it seems to never want to shift as quick as it should.

Anyone have a bit of advice on what's right?

--Bruce Kwartler

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07/28/03 02:52 PM
Re: DSM shifter assembly in GVR4

Do you need to use the base? If you used a 91-94 TEL shifter, you can install it using the stock base you have in your car now.

This has been covered with the shifter, but not the base. Unless you need to use a TEL base, just use the shifter lever only.

I'd also like to add that the 3G baseball shifter is perfect with the TEL shifter in the Galant. 1 it's weighted, and 2nd it creates a better height. You gotta realize that in a TEL you sit lower and the center console is higher, so it works great in a TEL, but it kinda short in our cars. Some people love how short it is, but I think the new mitsu shifter creates a hight that is better for our sedans. No matter what you choose, you will probably like the TEL shifter better then the trucker shifter that came with the car.

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07/28/03 04:01 PM
Re: DSM shifter assembly in GVR4

I bought a 91 TEL shifter and couldn't see any major obvious differences in the base. None that would help me, at least. Just swap the arms. I thought it was a little too short at first, but now I love it. Give yourself a week to get used to it.

One surprising (good) difference I found was the bushings on the shifter pivot -- my old Galant shifter had soft, rubbery bushings, whereas the TEL shifter had hard plastic bushings. It made the side-side slack noticeably less. And if you feel like there is a lot of slop in your shifter, one advantage of the shorter lever is that the play is less because it is not amplified by the height!

I think the stock knob is a good height compliment to the short shifter, but perhaps could benefit from a little added weight.

Do a search for PRE-EVO's post on using the TEL shifter boot. Basically you remove the center console and unscrew the little "frame" from under the console... you can then pull the boot around it and screw it back in. You'll see what I mean.

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