06/22/03 09:29 PM
Brake Issue

I was getting a quick wash after filling up the tank tonight, and when I pulled into the washbay, I stopped precisely when the stop light asks you to and pull the parking brake.... Get washed up, and when I step on the brake pedal again to release the parking brake, I notice that the pedal kinda sunk a bit more than when I usually depress it. So I pull out of the bay, and when I proceed to the next stop sign in the parking lot, I notice again that my pedal is sinking again just short of the floor, and this time I even lock up the brakes to a screeching halt. I drive to a deserted parking lot and under the streetlights, I look for leaks, but since I just got washed, it was hard to notice much under the now damp engine bay. No noticable leaks, and I even pulled forward and looked for any brake fluid leaks in the puddles of water left behind. Nothing evident, but again, it was dark. So I limped it home. I noticed that I have limited braking, and my parking brake light is constantly on. I'm guessing I'm dragging one of my rear brakes from when I put on the parking brake - hence why parking brake light is constantly on? Frozen caliper? Need guidance!

Why couldn't this happen on the way to the DC Get Together, where there were tons of Guru's present! =(


(Flung Poo)
06/22/03 09:58 PM
Re: Brake Issue

If your brake light is on then you are probably low in fluid. If your caliper was stuck it would drag and not give a pedal to the floor situation.

(Creative Name Huh?)
06/22/03 10:15 PM
Re: Brake Issue

Yeah, I bet you're low on brake fluid.

(Junior Member)
06/22/03 10:38 PM
Re: Brake Issue

You are low on fluid.

Brake fluid was pooling! under my car when it sat for a few days. The master cylinder had fluid dripping from the underside of the cylinder. I replaced the 4 cups on the pistons and an o-ring under the blanking plug in the side of the cylinder.

I re-installed it and bled the lines and ABS. Fluid hasn't leaked out again, but I haven't been driving it either.

On inspection I think the real cause of the leak was one of the seals that seal the reservoir to the master cylinder, which I only removed, inspected and re-installed. Now when I look really closely, and gently move the reservoir I can see a thin layer of fluid squishing around between the top of the seal and the bottom of the barb. I'm going to renew those two seals too.


06/23/03 01:23 PM
Re: Brake Issue

yeah some local guru's are telling me that sicne i can't find any leaks, its probably cus my pads/rotors are worn, which they most likely are. i haven't done a brake job on this car since i got it about a year ago, so its about due.

thanks for the replies both on and off list!

06/23/03 11:56 PM
Re: Brake Issue

Look for evidence of brake fluid leaking out of the master cylinder in the rear where it meets the brake booster, if your master is leaking, then thats where you will be able to see it. It could just mean a brake job, but the all of a sudden pedal feel seems to point to something more. Good luck!

06/26/03 10:52 PM
Re: Brake Issue

Have a related problem,

I was in need of a brake job a few weeks ago...pedal would vibrate so it pointed me to warped front rotor.

I let it go for about 2 weeks, and the other day i lost all pedal pressure but was able to stop the car. When i got home (was not far) i noticed a buzzing from under the hood(even after the car was off), I looked around and pinpointed the abs unit. I pulled the front most blue colored plug and plugged it back in and it hasnt made the noise since.

Today i put new rotors and pads in to put this whole brake issue to bed. Well all seemed fine for a bit..then after driving around for a few I started to lose pedal pressure. After a few stop and goes (I was only able to really stop by pumping the brake pedal to get pressure )I pulled into a parking lot. I was checking my wheels for brake dust to and i noticed the rear wheels to be much warmer than the fronts.

My brake reservoir is full...but i have yet to check out the master cylinder as i am not really familiar with it. But apparently my car is stopping on just the back brakes???

Oh and before all this i think...I was pulling up my E-brake and i lost all tension like i stripped it out.

What could possibly be the problem?..I dont think i am losing fluid, ABS went bezerko on me that one day, and my e-brake is fubared. But why no pedal pressure and apparently only rear brakes are functional?

Sorry for long post


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