06/25/20 09:03 PM
Has this ever happened to you? ( Electrical )

Hi all,

I haven't driven my car for awhile and I was planning to take it to work tomorrow. I haven't driven it in over a month and the last time I went to move it the battery was dead and had to put it on the charger overnight so I thought it would be a good idea to take it for a quick spin this evening. Turns out it was because I got to a stop sign about a mile from my house and out of no where the car just dies. Like I got nothing other than the door lights and they were just barely on. No four ways, nothing. So I call my wife to come give me a hand and after I hang up I open the door and start pushing the thing backwards to get it off the road. I get maybe 4-5 feet and bang all the lights, seat belts and door chimes come back. Starts right up and I drive it home. I only spent a couple minutes under the hood with the car running shaking wires and pulling on connectors to see if I could get it to die again but had no luck.

I'm thinking some stinking rodent got in and chewed on a wire. So my question is, has anyone had a similar situation or any ideas where to start looking? Thanks

(poop load of room)
06/26/20 10:46 AM
Re: Has this ever happened to you? ( Electrical )

Pull the battery connections off and clean and grease them. Also check the ground stud under the fusebox on the wheel well.

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