12/02/19 06:58 PM
Headlights stopped working/Random Issues

Hey guys, I tried searching online but could not find any answers.. I have a couple of issues on my newly acquired car:

1) Car sputters sometimes, and the CEL is on. I ran the LED Diagnostic and it seems to be my fuel injectors not working properly and the o2 sensor being faulty. Would you guys recommend replacing the fuel injectors or cleaning out the current ones? I ordered an AEM Wideband o2 guage that comes with the o2 sensor, do I just replace the o2 sensor in the car now and pop in the new one? Would that fix the o2 diag code?

2) My low beams and high beams randomly stopped working. I replaced all of the fuses within the engine bay and some on the kick panel but no luck. I am thinking about replacing the bulbs to see if that fixes the issue but before I do that, is there any location I should check? Maybe a different fuse panel? I have a 91 GVR4. I appreciate your help.

Thank you.

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12/03/19 08:06 AM
Re: Headlights stopped working/Random Issues

I'd buy a brand new o2 sensor to replace the one in the car, the aem is a wideband and even though it has a 1v output on it I wouldn't recommend using that as your narrowband, unless you have dsmlink. Even then the aem sends it's information out a little slow. An innovate lc-2 would really be a better option for the car.

As for the bulbs, pull them from the car an see if there burnt out. Takes a few seconds to check.

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12/03/19 08:43 AM
Re: Headlights stopped working/Random Issues

I've never known bulbs to work and than not work. Especially both high and low beam. It sounds like you might have a electrical connection or ground issue. It's possible that the bulb connections themselves could be corroded.

Was the car always in Texas? Rust free?

12/06/19 02:13 PM
Re: Headlights stopped working/Random Issues

I figured it out. The connector to the headlamp relay in the engine bay was not supplying power to the actual relay. I had to bypass the connector to get power to the relay.

If your factory alarm goes off and your lights stop working.. then it may be your relay or relay connector in my case.

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12/06/19 03:27 PM
Re: Headlights stopped working/Random Issues

That's how you should troubleshoot electrical issues. Follow from the device backwards until you find voltage, or the other way until it stops.

12/07/19 03:28 AM
Re: Headlights stopped working/Random Issues

I am still learning but this is pretty neat. I had no idea there were tools to track down voltage.

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