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11/06/19 09:58 AM
Adjustable dual port WG actuators

I have a s16g installed with a 14b actuator, ported evo3 turbine and o2 housings, then connected to a custom 3" down pipe. I'm able to boost to around 21-22psi without much spiking, however I can't get any over that with the MBC.

I have no desire to throw out all those parts I ported and fabbed up for an external WG setup, but I'd like if the boost came on faster smoother and stronger. Lol.

I'm looking at the actuator as it's the last stock part in this turbo system. I have read all that's available on tooners about hacking holset and turbonetics actuators together for better performance. Why is it there is little to no info about adjustable actuators?

In this post a description of a dual port actuator seems to make a lot of sense.

Kinugawa makes a dual port WG actuator with a bolt on bracket

It's listed for about $100 with choice of spring. That seems reasonable for a bolt on dual port unit with longer than stock throw.

Is there a reason this isn't mentioned as an option more? Do people really get good results from washer shims?

I thought I could get some better performance from my current turbo with this. Also I will be upgrading to a 86hta v2 next season. I know that turbo needs a stronger actuator. What spring choices would I be best ordering?

Edit: after asking a couple questions with the manufacturer, they increased the price by 50%. I don't think I'm buying anything from them.

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11/07/19 10:25 AM
Re: Adjustable dual port WG actuators

so from what i can remember a manual boost controller can only increase an internal wastegate by double what it starts out at and if i remember correctly you can put washers between the wastegate and the compressor housing and it will allow you to increase boost.

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