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08/12/19 03:45 PM
Interior Chassis Connector

Iím removing the entire ABS wiring from 182 and am having trouble identifying this connector. This white Connector is located behind the dash above the glovebox and is a 13 Pin Connectors out of 20 possible slots.

I have traced Pin no 28 from the ABS Control Unit (Trunk) to this Connector. The only catch is (182 is a 1992 model year gvr4, and I am using the AWD 1992 ABS wiring schematic) the wire is Green Black (Gb) but the manual says Pin No 28 should be Blue (B) going to the rear right speed sensor.

So in summation: 1) What Connector is pictured 2) What wire is this?

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and any help that can be provided. Thank you!

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08/13/19 04:41 AM
Re: Interior Chassis Connector

There is no picture of the connector?

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08/13/19 06:27 PM
Re: Interior Chassis Connector

I know, thanks Thom. The button to add an image isnít working for me.:?

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08/14/19 06:54 AM
Re: Interior Chassis Connector

Try to add it now Pot. Put it in your second post or its own. There was some problem earlier with posting pictures in the initial post of a thread. I thought it had been fixed, but perhaps it is back.


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08/14/19 07:09 PM
Re: Interior Chassis Connector

Here is an image of the Connector in question:

I finally figured it out that this Connector connects to the exterior Chassis Harness and goes to the Main Fusible Link however Iím not certain as to what wire this is?

It does come from the ABS unit in the trunk however my biggest concern as this may have interrupted the brake switch/stop light circuit.

Does anyone have any input and or guidance moving forward? Have you.

(Heal and Toe)
08/16/19 02:09 AM
Re: Interior Chassis Connector


looking at the back of the connector:

pin 13 is Blue-Yellow? [Check Engine Light]
pin 14 is Yellow? [Diagnosis]
pin 15 is White? [Diagnosis]

if so, this is connector C-09.

the harness of the rear lights is on the driver's side...

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